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I have been in the water and sprinkler industry since 1957, so all the items shown below have proven themselves in purpose and application! Trouble shooting and repair is what I do for a living and these tools have helped me for a long time… tools made specifically for, and by someone who has been in the trenches himself. They are field proven for well over 15 years in most cases. If you, personally, are directly active in the trenches and in the field of the sprinkler and irrigation industry, you will love these specialty hand tools from the first time you use them.  If you're a boss or owner, you will appreciate the time and labor saved as well!! Have a look-see …

The "Suck-Tube"

See it in action: Click here on-  You-Tube


Several devices have been on the market to move water. I have tried many. Most work for a few days, or weeks, maybe even a year. Then some little part fails and you gotta go out and buy a new one 'cause parts aren't available. Sound familiar? The “Suck-Tube" has a lot of different uses. Most commonly used to move water quickly and easily out of valve boxes and holes, it’s a long-lasting performer that also enables removing and changing most all sprinkler heads in a minute or less! No digging! Tough and simple, you won't replace it anytime soon. The “Suck-Tube” has a tremendous amount of diversity in it’s use and applications.

The “Suck-Tube” will quickly suck up water, mud, rocks, gravel, and at a rate of nearly a half gallon per stroke. You can empty jumbo valve boxes in just minutes, right down to the mud… (and then some!)

Necessity is the mother of invention and simplicity is always the best. The "Suck-Tube" is pure simplicity. Parts are readily available and cheap enough to keep a spare repair kit around. If you wear out the piston in the "Suck-Tube", write to me via this website.  It's only three bucks, post-paid, direct to you, and no handling fees or any of that crap.... Period!  Yes,3 bucks…… post-paid.

Very little shovel use ~ therefore no more cut nipples, wires, broken solenoids or bleeder screws when a valve box is full of mud or dirt. Use a hose nozzle to blast away hard dirt and such from inside valve boxes or around valves. If a hose is handy, it’s the ONLY way to go!

As muddy water and slurry build up in the box or hole, use the largest nozzle size on the Suck-Tube and suck out the sludge!! Now blow it away into shrub beds and lawns (if no rocks are in the slurry.) Now there's no mud or crap to haul off. Use the hose nozzle with a fine spray to clean up where you blew the mud and slurry from the box... it washes mud and silt away and it readily disappears into lawn or rock mulch.

Suck water from below the gravel in valve boxes. Insert the nozzle below the gravel level and pull very slowly on the handle being careful not to pick up the gravel into the Suck-Tube and slow enough as to not suck in air, either.

Suck lost washers or diaphragm screws or whatever you may have dropped into a valve manifold. No turning on the water to flush the stuff out and making a bigger mess than you already have in the bottom of the box!

Fill the "Suck-Tube" with clear water and lay it on its' side on the tailgate or something... Water will "glugg" out slowly allowing cleanup. On occasion, a rock will lodge itself in the nozzle of the unit. Push the rock back inside and take another pull in the valve box. The object will often be sent flying. What goes in, usually comes out without much ado. DON’T bang the nozzle on the ground or cement!! You’ll just split the plastic nozzle and will soon have to buy another tube!!

Some subcontractors have no mercy. (Or brains/common sense.) They trench through your mainline, make their repair without ever flushing the line, (or telling you they did, hiding it,) and when the system gets turned back on, the crap they leave behind often plugs up at a fitting. I have personally broken these “log-jambs" of crap loose in 1" mainlines under parking lots.

Find and isolate the mainline at both ends, or at points where it goes under the asphalt, and glue on 90 degree ells with about 18" standpipes (depending on the fall of the area). Fill the mainline full of water. Now, where you feel is the DOWNSTREAM SIDE of the mainline, fill the "Suck-Tube" half full of water, attach it to the mainline standpipe (tightly, but not glued,) and pump the handle back and forth rapidly. Try not to have any air in the “Suck-Tube.”  Some banging on the handle with the heel of your hand may help. This causes a hydrostatic surge back to the "log jamb". Try this from all standpipe ends of the mainline except the SUPPLY point. The clump of crap will often be dislodged after a few pumps or banging of your hand. You can sometimes even feel debris break loose so it can then be flushed out!!

Better to at least give this a try than digging up asphalt in the parking lot!!  If needed, call or Email me for more explicit explanations or help!  Really……

The "Krik-It"


The Krik-It is an audio-location device costing much less than other locating devices on the market today. This is one inexpensive tool you can't be without once you have used it. For fast, easy hook-up, solenoid valve determination and location ability...Listen for the Krik-it!!! You can't beat the price and for about $5 more than renting a machine, YOU CAN OWN A KRIK-IT!!

Some of the owners have posted their email addresses below, and you can shoot a quick question to confirm my claims.

See it in action here:  (under production)



In my business, I have competitors and not many friends. I ordered your Krik-It, knowing that I would be putting its claims to the real test.  I tested your Krik-it on a system that was installed 20 yrs ago that I maintain. Nine zones over 3/4 acre and several deeply buried valves after the well drilling rig sank in the yard in 1997.  For the three valves deeply buried we used a section of 2 inch PVC as an ear amplifier. All nine valves located and unearthed in less than a hour, saving us several hours from what we had budgeted.

I always wanted to know where the valves were in case of "what if". This little item pulses the solenoid and practically embeds an arrow to direct you to the location. Amazing! Your advertisement should include, "why rent a valve locator for $50.00 and transport it back and forth to the vendor (time lost = 2 hours in my case), when for $40, you can be the OWNER of a simple device that will locate valves AND you can use it over and over." Every thing you said work perfectly.  One of the best simple tools ever purchased. ….
Richard Morrison - Bram Shops Florida  - bramshops@yahoo.com

Dear Bill, I received the Krik-it in the mail yesteday, and today I tried it out. My goal: find two valves in my yard that have eluded
me.-- I hooked it up, and within 5 minutes found the first valve! The second valve took about 30 minutes to find, it was buried under some decorative rock edging.
The Krik-it worked wonderfully and was a complete success! It did what I wanted, and I didn't have to rent an expensive valve finder. (Which they wouldn't rent to me anyway since I am not a licensed contractor or plumber).
I thank you! Larry Bell --- Larry Bell lgbell11@tx.rr.com

8/1/2010 5:53 PM, JBethea@mbhs.org wrote:
Bill, Got the "Krik-It" yesterday and sending the piece of crap back to you. You told me it would take 30 minutes or so to find the valve and I found it within "3" minutes!!! What am I supposed to do now with all the extra time!! Worked great!!! Best $40 I've spent in a long time.
Thanks for all your help. Jim

9/5/2010 4:47 PM, Jo Ann Haywood < jhaywood101@hotmail.co > wrote:
Bill, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. My grandson and I found the last two valves in less than 10 minutes using the "Krik-It". It is such a relief to know where all of the valves are now. If I had searched your web site four months ago I could have found 26 of the 30 missing valves in one afternoon instead of the many, many hours of miserably hot humid labor and frustration not to mention all the money I paid to a company to try to find some of them for me.
Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and inventions with others.
With Kindest Regards, Jo Ann Haywood, Realtor Excite Realty.com

7/15/2011 9:21 PM, jason yen wrote:
Hi Bill, Got the Krik-It today. I came home installed it and found the location of that damn control valve just by walking around my house once. I pinpointed the location with the help of a piece of rain gutter downspout/stethoscope. I have to admit, I was very skeptical, but there's no way I would have found that valve. The cover had been overgrown by a shrub. I had 2 guys come out and neither one could find the valve. Very impressed. I was very close to paying some sprinkler people to come out and they said it was going to be $120 an hour, but I could set a cap on the amount I wanted to spend.... You make a wonderful product. Fully worth the $40.
Best, Jason

Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 12:01 PM
Bill; Finally got some time to use the Krik-It. Checked it out against the valves with known locations so I know what to listen for, then went hunting for the missing ones. Heard nothing in the back yard, so went to the front yard. Searched for about two or three minutes and heard the valve chirping in the rock garden, even without a piece of tubing. After digging through about 3 to 4 inches of loose rocks, there was the box. Great tool and made the job very easy.
Thanks; Scott Andover


Bill,  I took your advice and took back the rented valve locator and bought a Krik-it.  While the locator may have been useful in competent hands it led me on a merry chase and found all sorts of stuff but NOT the valve I was looking for.  Wish I had talked to you before I wasted the 35 bucks on a rental since the supply house sells your Krik-it for only 5 bucks more but at least I now own it.  Took only 20 minutes to find the valve as it was buried under over 12" of dirt and even inside the box the valve was buried to the top of the solenoid.  After many hours of searching the previous two days, what a thrill it was to hear that unmistakable buzz from the solenoid!!  That damn invention of yours is so simple to use and works just like you said.  Thanks for the time you spent helping me even though I was a complete stranger. 
Alex Carson   Ocotillo Landscape Maintenance  Carefree


From feedback on Ebay….

The Kirk-It is awesome. Found valve under a deck and 18" of dirt!

After two local irrigation businesses were not able to locate a valve that was causing a sprinkler leak, I ordered the Krik-it. I am excited to report that I was able to locate the valve boxes with the Krik-it in just a couple of minutes. Although I am out a couple of hundred dollars, The Krik-it was well worth the forty dollars. Now I will be able to repair the leaking valve now. (I will do the work myself).




Thanks for the good words, guys!!

Well, folks……. Need anyone say more?......


"CD-Repair Kit"



There's a lot of the old RainBird "Chrome-Dome" 3/4 and 1" A.S.V's out there and factory replacement parts are gone!! Changing the guts out of this little valve is only a 10 minute job. If the valve is in a galvanized or copper manifold with no union(s) the labor savings will more than pay for the kit. Field tested in Arizona sunshine and weather and proven their worth! U.S.A. manufactured and carries a one year warranty... They are:

Easy to install!
Replaces all 4 soft original parts
No need to install another brand of V.B.
Use on both sizes... 3/4" and the 1" models..
Comes with comprehensive instructions and an assembly diagram

Order through tismaz@cox.net -


Hydraulic to Electric Actuators- Keep the old hydraulic valves!

Meet “Hermie”


 Hydraulic/Electric valve actuators.

Here are a two pix of a Double Hermie.


 (See below for a typical installation)

Hydraulic systems seem to be somewhat a thing of the past.... But there are a few of them still out there, plugging along, year after year, doin’ the job they are supposed to. Many repairmen today think they are a "piece of junk" and recommend their immediate replacement. WHY??!! Because they just don't understand them and don’t want to work with them! Many people will try to put in a whole new system at one hell of an expense! Not necessary!!

There IS a reason hydraulic systems keep working year after year..... they are dependable and fairly trouble-free! So why jerk out a good working system when only one valve or a clock might be giving a system problems? Save a lot of money and "Hermaphrodotize"...
No more leaky clocks and stained walls demanding monthly reconditioning. If a lost or buried valve does present a problem, then address that problem when it occurs. No need locating all the valves to make the electrical conversion and running wire, too!

This little valve actuator ("Hermie") uses a common Richel/Irritrol solenoid to actuate those lost, hydraulic valves. Just run the existing field tube to the bottom connector of the "Hermie", pressure-up the 1/8" FIP fitting, connect .250 drip or hydraulic tube to the vent, and you've got the best of both worlds in valve control. They can be mounted anywhere; on the wall below the clock, or in a remote valve box. Now you have the dependability of a hydraulic system and the "to the minute" timing accuracy of today's multi-program, programmable digital controllers. Beats the old prices of the Hydraulic Controllers at over $600 bucks each, or more…. IF you can find one or get one fixed!  And the Hermie will actuate both the NO and NC valves!

"Hermie" can be "stacked", or used in any quantity for multi-valve installations. A manifold of 1/2" tees will supply dozens of these valves. All that is needed is an able clock/controller and a water supply from either the Vacuum Breaker or separate, higher pressurre water supply. You can buy "Hermie" one at a time, or as many as you may need. - No buying of Blocks, actuators, and no minimum purchase. If your system only has 7 valves, then order 7 Hermie’s..... Whatever you NEED. See a typical installation of an 8 station setup below. If you wish, I have several other configuration pictures and can email at your request. YOU make ‘em,  or I’ll make ‘em… Your choice!!


All I need is for you to ask me and send me your return eMail address….  Better yet… call me some evening.



Got Questions?


 If you’ve any questions, I check my email several times a day and will get right back to you…. I thank the local guys for pushing me along to produce these items for our industry- they have been super successful in the South West and all across the Southern U.S.  Thanks, Guys, especially Bob Testa and Kevin Burrow.


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